Effective Dry Cough Remedies During Pregnancy

Dry cough remedies has been a subject that has been facing diverse opinions as to how to address it. The coughing is very common among expectant women. It can occur at any stage of the pregnancy but is more prevalent during the last stages of the pregnancy. The condition can result out of a common cold or a viral infection and thus require some effective remedies. The problem becomes more unbearable at night leading to discomfort during sleeping. This can be potentially bad to both the expectant mother as well as the unborn child.

Dry Cough Remedies During Pregnancy

To address this problem, various measures of remedies on how to get rid of a dry cough outlined here should be followed. They are:

    • Fluid Intake. An expectant woman experiencing dry coughs should increase her fluid intake as a dry cough remedies during pregnancy. The fluids can include water, soups and juices. In fact, it is recommended that eight ounces of water should be consumed every hour. This practice ensures that the expectant mother is highly hydrated. One good remedy is chicken soup. Albeit very nutritious, milk should be consumed in limited amounts unless a doctor advices otherwise.

    • Lemon and Honey. Another dry cough remedies during pregnancy is a good measure of intake of lemon and honey. This can be done in various ways. First, the expectant mother can opt to take lemon mixed with a glass of hot water. This is done by squeezing two or three teaspoons of the lemon juice to a glass of hot water and drinking the mixture. Doing this twice a day, in the morning and before sleeping, is a remedy to help keeping the pregnant woman hydrated. Secondly, the expectant mother can opt to mix three teaspoons of honey to a glass of hot water and drink especially before going to sleep. Finally, as a remedy to dry coughs during pregnancy, two teaspoons of lemon and a teaspoon of honey can be taken at intervals of three times. Then the dry cough may be eased.

  • Inhalation of steam. Inhaling steam is also good remedy. This is usually done at the frequency of three or four times a day for a period of at least 15 minutes each. A steaming kettle, humidifier or a steam vaporizer can be used. The inhaled steam helps to keep the expectant mother hydrated through inhaling damp air. Damp air is a good remedy.

Some Good Tips

Taking hot shower can help to cure dry cough. A hot shower makes a dry cough by helping to reduce irritation caused by the dry coughs. Also, sitting on the bath tab while the hot shower is kept running is a remedy.

Try to avoid irritants can be effective as well. In many cases, allergy has been found to be the cause. Various expectant mother may be allergic to such things as insect bites, some foods, dust and perfumes. As a result, as a good remedy to coughs during pregnancy, expectant mothers should be keen to keep off from exposing themselves to agents that may cause them to have allergic reactions. Such agents may lead to dry coughs during pregnancy.


These measures if observed are very useful remedies during pregnancy. In case the dry cough did not go away after 3 days it is advisable to seek advise from doctor.  One must take note that it is not a good practice to keep trying one from another.

Ultrasound Technician Schools in Florida

Florida is a state where working technicians are more than any other state, and for this there are several reasons for this. According to the population Florida is fourth largest state, more than 18 million people live in this state. One of the most popular retirement destinations for Americans.

More than 30,000 students enrolled throughout the state university of Florida and more than 120,00 students enrolled in private colleges.

Here is a wide scope for students who really want to build their career as an Ultrasound technician (more on how to become an ultrasound tech). This state has a strong aerospace industry and it is just because of NASA.

  • Employment of ultra sound technicians in this state is 4,120
  • Hourly mean wage is: – $27.36
  • Annual Mean wage is: – $56,910

Best Ultrasound Technician schools in Florida:-

1. ATI College of Health

Mission: – This School helps people to achieve a better lifestyle and better career by preparing them, through a good education. Goal of our degree program is to prepare well- educated, competent, well-rounded person with good proficiency in both non technical and technical areas.

Address: – 1395 NW 167th Street, Miami, Florida 33169

Contact: – (305) 628-1000

Official Website: www.aticareertraining.edu

School type: – Two year, and Private

Programs Offered:-

•    Associates degree

Ratio: – Ration between student and faculty is 28:1

Accrediting Agency: – Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and colleges of Technology.

2. Dade Medical College

Mission: – Dade medical college is fully dedicated to the advancement of the individual system.

Address: – 3401 NW 7th St, Miami, Florida 33125

Contact: (305) 644-1171

Official Website: – www.dademedicalinstitute.com/

Type of the school: – Two year and Private

Programs Offered:-

•     Less than one year certificate.
•     Less than two year certificate.
•    Less than four year certificate.

Ratio: – Ratio between teacher and student is 30:1

Accrediting Agency: Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.

Hemorrhoids Home Remedy Guide

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Cure A Yeast Infection Naturally

If you are currently suffering from a yeast infection or have suffered from one before, seeking treatment for a yeast infection is important and if you did, your doctor may have prescribed topical creams or ointments or oral medications to cure a vaginal infection. Unfortunately these prescriptions even when they work may still cause side effects such as leading to another vaginal infection such as bacterial vaginosis or blue waffles.

The vagina is a very delicate area and adding various antibiotics may solve the immediate problem but also lead to another issue or even a recurrence of a yeast infection in the future.

This is what makes being able to cure a yeast infection naturally so attractive to many women because the natural remedies do not cost as much as prescriptions and there are no side effects. The good thing is that being able to cure a yeast infection naturally can be done with ingredients commonly found in your kitchen or home.

The first step to fight yeast infections is of course to prevent them. The simplest ways to prevent yeast infections is through proper hygiene, adopting a healthy lifestyle, reducing stress, etc. Read more here on preventative steps to take.

Antibiotic use should be kept to a minimum if used at all because antibiotics can kill the “good” bacteria commonly found in the vaginal area or other moist and warm areas that prevent the overgrowth of candida albicans which is the common culprit when yeast infections develop. In addition, if you use antibiotics too much, your body can get used to them causing them to become ineffective in being able to cure a yeast infection.

Other medications that may disrupt a balanced vaginal area leading to vaginal infections include birth control medications, steroids and immuno-suppressants.

How to Cure A Yeast Infection Naturally


Following a diet that fights yeast overgrowth is one of the first steps to prevent the development of yeast infections as well as to cure a yeast infection naturally.  If you suffer from frequent yeast infections, ensure that your diet avoids the following;

a. Yeast is in love with sugar whether derived from sugars, high carb foods or fruits (especially in the early weeks of an infection). If you want to see how fast candida can grow, add sugar to the mix. To prevent the symptoms of a yeast infection, eliminate sugar from your diet. This is good not just for yeast infections but for your overall health and to prevent premature aging. Sugar is just BAD.

b. Since this is a yeast infection, foods with high yeast and mold content are a no-no. Avoid foods such as dried fruit, peanuts, melons, cheeses, etc.

c. Dairy and other foods with high lactose content should be avoided.

A diet to prevent or cure a yeast infection should include;

a. H2O otherwise known as water

b. Herbal teas

c. Vegetables

d. Various sources of protein such as small quantities of meat. Fish, poultry and legumes are excellent sources of protein. Soy products are known to have side effects so you may want to avoid them or only consume them in limited quantities.

e. Whole grains such as millet, brown rice, etc are great for the diet.

f. Probiotics which represent “good” or friendly bacteria necessary for the body and to keep it healthy. Probiotics include Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidum bacterium which are found in natural yogurt and help to keep yeast growth in check. You can also add probiotic supplements if you are not a fan of yogurt.

g. While fruits can contain sugars which need to be avoided consider if possible and in small amounts cherries, apples, blueberries, other berries, and pears which contain many antioxidants which are beneficial.

In order to cure a yeast infection naturally, it is important to read food labels for harmful ingredients as well as to check for hidden sugars in products such as corn syrup, etc.

Sticking to a proper diet will not only prevent yeast infections but also reduce the symptoms of a yeast infection and help boost your immune system which will help to curb the overgrowth of candida albicans by introducing “good” bacteria which help control the growth of yeast.

Home Remedies To Cure A Yeast Infection

You can cure a yeast infection through the use of yogurt or tea tree oil (diluted with a carrier oil that is also antifungal like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, etc). Apply the yogurt or oil with a tampon twice a day until symptoms of a yeast infection disappear.

With yogurt, it is important to use only plain or Greek yogurt with live cultures. Bacterium Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidum bacterium found in this type of yogurt helps in counterbalancing the overgrowth of yeast whenever a disruption in the balance of microorganisms in the body occurs.

Eating licorice root helps those suffering from endocrine yeast infection by stimulating their hormones without causing any side effects. This root also can counteract the estrogen loss suffered by women with vaginal yeast infections by releasing estrogen-like friendly steroids. It also helps with PMS water retention.

A colon cleanse is also another way to cure a yeast infection naturally. Colon cleansing will allow you to eliminate various toxins including those created by Candida Albicans and help create more “good” bacteria. There are various recipes for a colon cleanse that you can make that may include, lemon, cayenne pepper, garlic, apple cider vinegar or apple cider, garlic extract, or garlic, and so forth. To find out about the ever popular Master cleanse, click here.

These are only a few ways to cure a yeast infection naturally and be rid of the various symptoms of a yeast infection. The good thing is that home remedies do not cause any side effects and are relatively inexpensive while being effective for many women especially those with persistent yeast infections or those whose bodies have become immune to antibiotics.

Shoulder Blade Pain Exercises for Strengthening and Pain Relief

Back pain between shoulder blades will affect up to 80% of adult Americans at one time or another, and for many the lower back will be the source of the pain. In most cases, the cause of lower back pain is muscle strain, injury or overuse of the back. In these situations, the best course of action, once the acute pain has healed, is to begin a program of lower back pain exercises that will strengthen the muscles of the core and support the lower back. There are many different types of exercises that you can try, but your best bet is to incorporate a variety of exercises that will strengthen the entire body, including the lower back area.

Aerobic Activity

Aerobic activity does not just make a good exercise for shoulder blade pain or back pain; it will strengthen the rest of your body as well. Aerobic exercise is a key in maintaining a healthy weight, which will reduce the strain on the lower back as well. And aerobic activity will keep your heart and cardiovascular system healthy – another plus to committing to this type of exercise every day. To reduce the strain on the lower back, begin with a program of daily walking that is low impact. You can start with a short amount of time, and gradually increase the time spent as you get used to the workout. Another good type of aerobic activity that is gentle on the lower back is the recumbent bike at your local fitness center.


Strengthening exercises are important for keeping the muscles of the core strong and conditioned. If you want to use strength training as an exercise, it is a good idea to do so under the supervision of a doctor, physical therapist or personal trainer. This way, you will not cause further injury to your back by performing exercises improperly. As you are focusing on strengthening the muscles of the lower back, don’t forget to work the area of the abdominal muscles as well. A strong, tight abdomen will offer better support to the lower back, and reduce your further incidences of injury and pain.


While strength training will lead to stronger muscles, gentle stretching will result in increased flexibility and less chance of injury. These types of lower back pain exercises can be done to relieve the pain as well as to strengthen the area, as long as you perform the exercises carefully and gently. Again, stretching and flexibility training are best when they are done under the supervision of a physical therapist or a personal trainer who can ensure that you do the stretches correctly and safely.

Lower back pain can put a damper on your life, but shoulder blade pain exercises can help reduce the pain and prevent further problems in the future.

How to Get Rid Tonsil Stones Charleston

The 4 most typical techniques of treatment for an analysis of tonsil stones are:

Irrigation with the oral irrigator that are appropriate for regular washing of the tonsils and tonsil rock removal or links right to the sink tap by means of a threaded attachment. They can jet water at pressure levels that are low simply by turning the sink tap, permitting a constant range of pressures to satisfy each user’s particular requirements, the user can simply correct.

  • Curettage that’s using a curette to eliminate tissue by scooping or scraping.
  • Laser resurfacing a process used in reducing the affected area. It smoothes the face of the tonsils and flattens the edges of the stones.
  • Operation when bad breath because of tonsillar stones continues despite other measures a tonsillectomy could be indicated.
  • TheraBreath is a fresh oral care process used world-wide to solve and fight against bad breath and tonsil stones.

There are a number of natural alternatives on how to remove tonsil stones in order that they do not change you.

The very first natural method you may use is to carefully remove the stones with a clean toothbrush or from the tonsils with your finger. This is done readily but then you definitely may need to attempt another method that is to gargle with warm seawater so you can clean and eliminate the stones when you have a sensitive gagging reflex all around your throat. Chewing on a dry cracker assists in eliminating the stones as this shoves on the muscles at the right or left side of the throat. Sterile cotton swab or a clean toothpick will help in removing tonsil stones within the affected areas. Suction from the medicine dropper helps in removing stones in the tonsils. Appropriate oral and dental hygiene together with the usage of oxygenating mouthwash and toothpaste.

Another valuable method you may contemplate is well called nasal and oral irrigation. You’re likely to get rid of such stones readily, by using this method. Fluid is introduced by you in your nose and mouth in the exact same time. This different direction of fighting really plays with the role that is really critical in ridding the tonsils.

There should not be any particles in a healthy throat. White formations, then you definitely ought to have an ENT physician check your throat simply to ensure, in case you locate apparently big. ENT doctors are the authority in regards to tonsilloliths, and focus on the ears, nose, and throat.

Which gives us to another symptom that a lot of individuals would not usually affiliate with these stones: ear discomfort. Sharp and unexpected ear pain is, in addition, regarded as a symptom of tonsilloliths, as the common nerve networks that run between your throat, eyes, and ears are extremely sensitive, and any issues within the throat area may cause “referred pain” which can be sensed in different regions of the carefully knit system. Call your physician or ENT in case you create a fever as well as the temperature level is 103 F (39.4 D) or greater, continues greater than 7 days or gets worse.

More information and details on this condition visit this post at http://healthguidesdaily.com.

The best Steak

Maturity, experience and wisdom are all favourable qualities – in man, in wine… and steak.

A nice-sized rump, bleeding and warm, which has just been sliced from a dead beast has its delicate qualities that are quite appetising to the human carnivore, but a little patience with that piece of meat might pleasantly shock those taste buds.

Like a child, a fresh steak is still wild and unaccustomed to what is expected from it. Its blood hot with impulsiveness and vulnerable to anyone or anything that wants to take advantage of it – not waiting for it to reach its full potential.

But give that young piece of meat some time, and grow patiently with it. Restraint is a vital ingredient to pleasure – waiting for just the right moment to indulge.

As you leave and temporarily forget about the hunk of meat left in the dry and cool fridge, let the thought appease you that sooner or later it will be used properly – just not now. It is still too young and needs time to absorb the life outside of it; the life expected from it, to give life to a growing hunger.

The fridge is opened a couple of times a day, and the steak is still there – waiting and waited upon. You see it, but don’t touch. Appetite grows.

After a day or two, your meat starts to mature. The colour changes from the innocent blush-pink to a mature sensual crimson; the soft outer layer hardens to protect that which is brewing on the inside – slowly. In time.

The uncontrolled release of innocent impetuous bleeding that dilutes the taste is bridled. Inside the taste of meat is concentrated – a promise for patient taste buds. So close.

The right time breaks. The fridge is opened. Like a fruit, ready to be plucked, you steak screams for the pan!

It’s the most beautiful piece of meat you’ve ever seen. Dry and dark. You lift it out of the fridge, and feel the weight. Just right – enough there to fill the hole which you’ve kept open for it. You lift it to your nose and smell. It’s soft perfume exudes from the inside – not like cheap deodorant that temporarily hides the smell of sweat – but a deep aroma from within it’s substance. Your hand is dry – no blood; no moisture – it’s all inside, ready to give its best – that from within, not the hypocrisy from without.

The altar (pan) is heated, and the ceremony is about to begin. You and your steak know that this will not take long. Maturity has taken its course and all you have to do is turn on the heat before it’s ready to give you what you’ve been waiting for – now!

The setting is perfect. Now it’s just you and your meat – both of you could not have been more ready. The fork pierces the skin, and the knife slices through the dark layer. Life within is revealed and that life will become yours now.

A piece of the passion is brought to your lips and enters its destiny. In a flash, your pent up patience for climactic delight is released. In an instant, the steak releases all that it has kept for you.

The relishing expectation of delight and the patience to allow the object for pleasure to reach its full potential are the keys to immeasurable satisfaction.

The Dangers of Eating Undercooked Meat

When it comes to undercooked meat there are things you can get away with and there are some things you most certainly can’t.

Poultry should always be cooked throughout with no pink juices. This is because it carries bacteria right the way through the flesh that can only be killed by heating for a good amount of time. Pork is a similar case and I would never eat underdone pork. The risks can range from a mildly jippy tummy to life threatening food poisoning and possible death.

Smoked and cured meat is sometimes raw. Smoked salmon or Parma ham for instance, the bacteria has been killed in other ways. This is a high risk food though and correct storage and monitoring of the shelf life is a must.

Beef and lamb are slightly different. You can get away with pink inners because bacteria only lives on the outside of the joints. However, controlling any contamination form the outside of the meat to the inside is a must. Always use separate utensils for raw and cooked meat. If you have any doubts, always cook meat through and never leave anything out of the refrigerator for longer than 30 minutes, less on a hot day. Beef mince should always be cooked through.

Yes, some people do sear fish or even eat it raw but these people also know what they are doing. The fish has to be incredibly fresh and you must know where it has come from. Get expert instruction on this or leave it to the professionals. Never take any risks with children or the elderly as they have lower immune systems. Always defrost meat well before cooking as you may leave cold spots otherwise that are not cooked.

How and why to Raise Free Range Chickens

As you bring the delicious egg that you took from the coop to the house and cook it in the pan with butter, it will turn into one of the greatest pleasures of your life. As the free range chickens are becoming popular, we need to define what it is. It is definitely not putting chickens in a small place and giving them processed food all the time. Free range chickens need space and they should eat almost everything that is leftover. I have been raising chickens for many years and I hardly have food that goes into trash. Bread, carrots, onion, watermelon; the chickens will almost eat everything.

Besides delicious eggs, chickens will fertilize your garden. Many gardeners now use chicken manure as fertilizer and it works great as I can tell from my own experiences. Scorpions, cockroaches and centipedes would no longer be a problem. If you see a chicken running with something in its mouth and the others following her, you would notice that it caught a bug and the others are trying to take a piece of it too.

If you have grass in your garden and don’t want to get bothered by lawn mower, just let your chickens there and you will notice that these small friendly animals will cut the grass for you.

You can also say ‘’no’’ to the animal abuse in the chicken industry by raising your own chicken. As long as you don’t buy egg from the markets, this kind of abusive farms will sell less egg.

If you have problems waking up early in the morning, chickens will solve your problem. The rooster will crow early in the morning and it is more effective than any alarm clock.

Raising chickens is easy as long as you know how to do it. They need a source of water just like other animals. During the summer, check the water supplier twice a day since the chickens drink more water. Chickens can sleep outside but it is better to build them a small coop. That way you can protect them from predators like lynx or owls. If you have a dog, let it get used to the chickens. As soon as it get used to the chickens, it would protect them from these predators.

Feeding the chickens twice a day once in the morning and once in the afternoon would be enough. They will eat almost everything as I wrote above but if you don’t have any food leftovers or any grass, you can buy some chicken feed from pet shops or retailers. If the chickens are in the garden, you don’t need any additional supplies like oyster shells and vitamins since the chickens take minerals and vitamins from the soil. But if you put your chickens in a place where there is no soil, it is better to buy those additional supplies.

You can buy fertilized eggs from online stores if you have an incubator but this would be the hardest way for the beginners. It is better to buy 4-8 weeks old chickens since they are already strong enough. As the chickens lay eggs, you can either collect them daily or let them stay there. If you let them stay there, one of the chickens would see them and become broody which means she will sit on the eggs for 21 days and you will have chicks at the end. The chicks that grow with their mother would be stronger and would grow faster than the ones that come out of an incubator.

It is also vital to check suitable breeds for your garden. Some breeds can be pretty aggressive and you might end up with wounds in your legs. So I would suggest making a research about the chicken breeds and finding which one is suitable for you. I would advice to have Sussex or Leghorn as they give eggs daily and are very friendly.

A look at Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef, a type of beef that is well marbled, is a legendary delicacy of Japan. Until recently, the flavor and tenderness of Kobe beef could only be experienced by those traveling to to the meat producing regions of Japan.

Kobe Beef originated in the prefecture of Kobe in Japan. Kobe Beef has world wide recognition as being the best of the best. In all reality, the product is genetic in origin. The rugged Japanese geography allowed for isolated cattle herds each using different breeding and feeding techniques. This isolation and selectively breeding for marbling grade of Wagyu cattle allowed for breeding of the most flavorful and tender beef in the world.

Wagyu is the Japanese breed of cattle used to produce Kobe Beef, Matzukya Beef, Hokkido Beef and other famous beef producing prefectures in Japan. Wagyu is a breed of cattle, like the Hereford, Holstein and Angus. (For more about cattle breeds, see the OSU website on breeds of livestock.) The word Wagyu refers to all Japanese beef cattle. “Wa” means Japanese and “gyu” means cattle. This breed is genetically predisposed to intense marbling, and produces a higher percentage of unsaturated fat (better for your cholestorol) than any other breed of cattle known in the world. In order to earn the designation of “Kobe Beef”, the Wagyu beef must come from Kobe, Japan, and meet strict production standards imposed in that county (or prefecture).

Cooking Kobe Beef
The best way to prepare Kobe Beef is to cook it fast over a hot flame. The fat in Kobe Beef melts at a lower temperature than regular beef. Sear in the moisture and flavor and don’t overcook it. If you overcook it, you risk having all the fat melt away. The fat is essential in providing Kobe the flavor and moisture for which it is famous. Quickly searing it over a hot fire, or in a cast iron pan, reduces the shrinkage and keeps in the flavor. “Well done” should not be an option for this great meat.

Freezing Kobe Beef
While the quality and taste of most beef and meat are harmed by being frozen, freezing does not affect the quality of Kobe Beef. Kobe Beef does not suffer because, like ice cream, that is meant to be frozen, it has such a high percentage of marbled fat that the flavor and texture are not changed by freezing.