Beef in Low Fat Diets

Where’s the Beef?

Are your taste buds screaming for beef while you’re trying to avoid it because of a low fat diet? Well I have good news you don’t have to avoid beef because of a low fat diet any more.

That’s right, you can enjoy beef while reducing your fat intake. Even better, you can easily enjoy all your favorite foods while reducing your fat intake. The most important key to doing this is moderation. I firmly believe that everything in moderation is key to any healthy dietary lifestyle. When we restrict certain foods from our bodies, our bodies will in essence scream for those specific foods through cravings. Those cravings in turn are generally what cause us to fall off the low fat wagon.

In order to keep cravings at bay and continue a healthy low fat lifestyle we must have variety, which means allowing all foods in moderation.

In order to incorporate beef into a healthy low fat lifestyle we simply need to follow a few simple dietary rules.

* Purchase the leanest cuts of meat you can find. This means avoid meat that has visible marbling. I personally buy meat that has little or no marbling and then trim all visible fat from the meat before cooking.

* Pay close attention to the cut of meat you are purchasing. For hamburgers, opt for lean ground beef, ground round or ground sirloin in order to cut back on fat content.

* For beef, in general, some of the leanest choices on the market include top
round, top sirloin, top round and tenderloin.

You can reduce the fat content in your beef by purchasing only grass fed beef. Grass fed beef is generally lower in fat and cholesterol with higher amounts of omega 3 fatty acids.

Remember portion size:

It is important with any food to watch portion size. The normal serving size of meat is the size of the palm of your hand. With beef try to keep your serving size in the 4-ounce range and you will be able to enjoy all the health benefits of eating beef without hindering your efforts of eating low-fat.

If you want to keep cravings at bay and continue a healthy low fat lifestyle, it is important to allow all foods in moderation, without denying ourselves the foods we love. This includes allowing ourselves to eat lean beef in moderation.