Campho Phenique Review

Campho Phenique is a cold sore treatment which has been created by Bayer HealthCare.  This is a step-by-step way of healing a fever blister and killing the virus that is causing such frustration and annoying discomfort.

There are four components to the Campho Phenique treatment. The processes compose of a drying action, a scab relief, a pain relieving liquid, and a pain relieving gel. These components are guides that will help you reach the main goal – and that is to live free from cold sores.

The drying action makes the blisters dry, thus stopping the blood blister pain that you would feel on your skin when affected by fever blisters. There is no need for you to worry though about your skin drying because the formula has been designed in such a way that it will not harm your skin but will definitely make sure that the fever blister goes dry. The formula that will make the condition go dry is made such so that you will be healed and will not be experiencing the pain.

Campho Phenique seals in the moisture of the infected area to promote fast healing. It also has an ability to soften the scab and is also able to penetrate right through the infected area while the blisters are in the process of healing. This helps so that you do not suffer from any reoccurrences soon after an outbreak. There are no other fever blister medications that do this.

The pain relieving liquid is an antiseptic formula that relieves itchy bites of small insects such as ants, mosquito, and black flies and relieves the pain of the fever blister. There is a cooling sensation as the camphor heals your skin from within. The antiseptic formula is formulated to kill the growth of microorganisms in living tissue.

Campho Phenique is only recommended for people of 2 years old and above. Consult a physician if the patient is below 2 years old and you want him (or her) to use the treatment. For other sores inside the mouth like canker sores and other mouth sores, you may consider checking this one out with your doctor since this is only intended for external use and not in areas where there are plenty of mucous membranes. It should also not be ingested or taken internally.

Campho-Phenique contains camphor and phenol as main ingredients along with eucalyptus oil and is an all natural treatment for fever blisters and does not require a prescription.