Dressing up Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are good on their own but dressing them up makes them great. There are many different and creative ways to dress up scrambled eggs to turn them from an average meal to an extraordinary meal.

A way to dress up scrambled eggs that cannot actually be seen, is to add milk to them after breaking them and whip it in. This will make them cook up fluffy. Do this before cooking scrambled eggs no matter what is added to dress them up.

Three Meat Scrambled Eggs

Cook bacon, sausage, and ham in a frying pan. Cut the meat up and keep it warm in the pan while cooking the scrambled eggs. Cook the scrambled eggs in a frying pan being sure to add the milk to them before cooking along with salt and pepper to taste. Once the eggs are cooked thoroughly put the meat on top of the eggs. Next, add Monterey Jack cheese to the eggs. This dish is delicious. Velveeta cheese can be used in place of Monterey Jack cheese but the Jack cheese is best.

Three Meat and Potato Scrambled Eggs

Cook bacon, sausage and ham the same as in Three Meat Scrambled eggs.  Peel or just wash red potatoes, cube them and fry them until they are cooked thoroughly.  Be sure to add salt and pepper to the potatoes while they cook. A little garlic is good too.  Scramble the eggs and place them on a plate with the meat and potatoes on top of them. Then add Monterey Jack or Velveeta Cheese. This variation is great for those who love potatoes. This same dish can be made without the meat.

Meat, Cheese and Green Chili Scrambled Eggs

Prepare the meat and eggs the same as in the other two recipes with one exception, add green chilies to the eggs. Once the eggs are done put the meat on top of them and add the cheese.

White Gravy Scrambled Eggs

This is one of the best ways to dress up scrambled eggs.  Mix the eggs and milk; add green chilies to this mixture. Cook sausage, ham, and bacon in a separate pan. For this dish make up some hash browns.  Once the meat is cooked, remove it from the pan and keep it warm.  Make white gravy using the drippings from the meat. To do this add flour until it makes a smooth rue, then add milk and stir until it thickens. Place the hash browns on a plate, then the eggs, meat, potatoes and pour gravy over this dish. This dish is delicious and meets most of the food group requirements.

Scrambled eggs are delicious when they are cooked alone but dressing them up can be delicious and a lot of fun.