How and why to Raise Free Range Chickens

As you bring the delicious egg that you took from the coop to the house and cook it in the pan with butter, it will turn into one of the greatest pleasures of your life. As the free range chickens are becoming popular, we need to define what it is. It is definitely not putting chickens in a small place and giving them processed food all the time. Free range chickens need space and they should eat almost everything that is leftover. I have been raising chickens for many years and I hardly have food that goes into trash. Bread, carrots, onion, watermelon; the chickens will almost eat everything.

Besides delicious eggs, chickens will fertilize your garden. Many gardeners now use chicken manure as fertilizer and it works great as I can tell from my own experiences. Scorpions, cockroaches and centipedes would no longer be a problem. If you see a chicken running with something in its mouth and the others following her, you would notice that it caught a bug and the others are trying to take a piece of it too.

If you have grass in your garden and don’t want to get bothered by lawn mower, just let your chickens there and you will notice that these small friendly animals will cut the grass for you.

You can also say ‘’no’’ to the animal abuse in the chicken industry by raising your own chicken. As long as you don’t buy egg from the markets, this kind of abusive farms will sell less egg.

If you have problems waking up early in the morning, chickens will solve your problem. The rooster will crow early in the morning and it is more effective than any alarm clock.

Raising chickens is easy as long as you know how to do it. They need a source of water just like other animals. During the summer, check the water supplier twice a day since the chickens drink more water. Chickens can sleep outside but it is better to build them a small coop. That way you can protect them from predators like lynx or owls. If you have a dog, let it get used to the chickens. As soon as it get used to the chickens, it would protect them from these predators.

Feeding the chickens twice a day once in the morning and once in the afternoon would be enough. They will eat almost everything as I wrote above but if you don’t have any food leftovers or any grass, you can buy some chicken feed from pet shops or retailers. If the chickens are in the garden, you don’t need any additional supplies like oyster shells and vitamins since the chickens take minerals and vitamins from the soil. But if you put your chickens in a place where there is no soil, it is better to buy those additional supplies.

You can buy fertilized eggs from online stores if you have an incubator but this would be the hardest way for the beginners. It is better to buy 4-8 weeks old chickens since they are already strong enough. As the chickens lay eggs, you can either collect them daily or let them stay there. If you let them stay there, one of the chickens would see them and become broody which means she will sit on the eggs for 21 days and you will have chicks at the end. The chicks that grow with their mother would be stronger and would grow faster than the ones that come out of an incubator.

It is also vital to check suitable breeds for your garden. Some breeds can be pretty aggressive and you might end up with wounds in your legs. So I would suggest making a research about the chicken breeds and finding which one is suitable for you. I would advice to have Sussex or Leghorn as they give eggs daily and are very friendly.