Know your Labels

Eating GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) free food opens the door to a healthy lifestyle. By eating food free of these pesky chemicals, people can now be aware of the substances they are putting into their bodies and internal illnesses would be dramatically decreased.

It’s getting increasingly difficult as the years go by. Food has become more processed; to be on the safe side look at the ingredients, even on trusted brands and other snacks labeled vegan or organic. You’d be surprised at what you’ll find. When you see an ingredient you’re not familiar with, chances are it was conventionally made. High fructose syrup and other warning ingredients are a clear indication of GMO.

But if that isn’t enough, GMO is even in seemingly organic foods; fruits and other fresh produce. All ‘organic’ produce are very similar in appearance, making detection for GMO even more difficult. However, there is a trick that makes it much more feasible.. This trick is as easy as reading a sticker.

Each fruit has a little sticker on its side and on that sticker is a number.determine?

5 Digits: 9-XXXX

This code tells you that the fruit you are eating is 100% organic. It wasn’t conventionally grown with pesticides and no GMO was injected. It may be a bit higher priced but your body does have a right to the best nutrition in order to perform at its best. One organic brand is Gala and it never disappoints.  It has that straight from the vine taste. But Gala isn’t 100$ organic in everything it sells.

5 Digits: 8-XXXX

This is a big alert for GMO. This code does not necessarily tell you whether the soil on which the fruit was grown was pesticide filled or not. However, GMO was definitely sprayed or injected.

4 Digits: XXXX

This is the lowest organic ‘level’ there is and unfortunately, the most common in supermarkets today. This is a big NO! Not only did the soil contain a great deal of pesticide, but chances are incredibly high that GMO was somehow added. It’s almost guaranteed.

It may be tempting to buy the lower ‘organic’ level fruits because of cheaper prices, and if you’re ever attacked by the urge, just imagine farmers in big rubber suits and masks spraying chemicals on them. That is exactly what happens on GMO farms. You won’t be tempted anymore.