Missing in Syria

Just came across 10000thoughts.com and found it:

May her family have the strength to continue in their quest
The faith to believe
Receive all the resources, support they need

May they have the answers they seek
May they be at peace with what is, comes to be

May Nicole be well where ever she is

May she be found.

Supporting Actions:

After a lot of thought, I strongly believe that posting this here will aid in causing something to shift.

Background Information:

Update: As some might have heard this morning, Spanish police have arrested two men (Syrians living in Spain). Sadly, they do not have any actual information about Nicole–they were sending her brother emails claiming they did. As it says here: http://www.cbc.ca/cp/world/070816/w081630A.html ; it is still not a hundred percent certain weather these two men have information about Nicole or they were just pulling her brother’s chain in hopes of ransom money.

The search for guests, at the Cairo Hotel in Hama, who might have had contact with Nicole (been there at the same time she was and chatted with her) is still on.
Pointedly, in trying to contact Americans living in Syria. http://vintagevocalslabel.com/CairoHotel.rtf

Nicole Vienneau, a 32 year old Canadian backpacker has been missing in Syria since March 31st 2007.

Since I first came across this story, I have been volunteering (unofficially)some time to help with the search on the web.
It has gripped me very much, at times while reading her brother’s updates or trying to search for that one guest who might have seen Nicole, I am hit with feelings of despair and depression–I can feel acutely what this family is going through.
Especially as the days continue on and no conclusions are reached, no answers found.