Mustard Dips for Celebrations and more

Easy Mustard Dips

We all love to use mustard as a condiment on our hamburgers, hotdogs or chicken nuggets, but did you ever think of using it for a chip or vegetable dip? The following no fuss economical variations can be interesting for a variety of gatherings, such as parties, picnics, camping trips, and more.

Texmex Style Mustard Dip

One cup yellow mustard

One teaspoon Chili Powder

One half teaspoon black pepper

One half cup (or more depending on taste) Mexican Salsa 

Two scallions (cut up very fine, small pieces)

Mix the above ingredient together, chill lightly and serve. It is wonderful with pita, potato, and corn chips, pigs in a blanket, grape tomatoes, cooked chilled shrimp, meatballs, and more!

Mustard Dip for Burger Lovers

One cup yellow mustard

Chopped dill pickles, 1/2 cup

Red Tomatoes, diced 1/2 cup

Onions, mild variety, diced 1/4 cup

Shredded lettuce 1/4 cup sprinkled on top

Shredded Bacon 1/4 sprinkled on top of above mixture

Layer the ingredients, in shallow bowl or dish, starting with the mustard, then place chopped pickles on top, place the red tomatoes, on that. Then sprinkle chopped onion on top of that, with lettuce and bacon to be layered and sprinkled on top. Cheese sticks, chicken nuggets, meatballs, pita and potato chips can be dipped in this tangy no fuss dip.

Honey Mustard Dip

One half cup dijon style mustard

One fourth cup honey mustard salad dressing

One teaspoon black pepper

One half cup mayo

One half cup sour cream

One mild onion, finely diced

One tablespoon minced fresh Green Peppers  

Mix the above together. Chill. Serve with chilled cooked boiled shrimp, or cooked chicken wings or drummettes, meatballs, pita or bagel chips, and more. Great with slightly steamed asparagus, raw carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumbers and more.