Onion Dip Recipes

Need something new and different from the normal ranch, cheese, and spinach spreads that you normally put out when you are entertaining friends and family? But are you short on time, money, and energy? Try this simple, but tastebud-friendly dip at your next party or gathering. Nothing is quite so pleasing as coming in from the cold, wet weather and sitting down to a warm, fresh pan of onion dip.

This dip is super versatile. Your husband will like it when he has his buddies over for the big annual Super Bowl game party, your kids will like it when they have sleepovers or parties with their friends, it will serve well at any ladies luncheon or staff meeting, and it is perfect for the family to enjoy at any New Year’s party.
My mom’s number one favorite comfort food is definitely onion dip. It is super easy to make- all you need is simply one bowl, one spoon, one measuring cup, one casserole dish, and the ingredients listed below. It’s so good, she usually doubles the recipe when she makes it! And her doubling is for a good reason- it’s delicious. But don’t take my word for it, make it yourself! But you do have to follow this recipe very carefully, too! Here it is-
one cup very
finely minced onion (Vidalia onions are best, but if they are not in season, the sweeter the onion, the better! Also, your grocery store may carry bags of frozen minced onion. You might want to stock up for the winter on some chopped onion!)
one cup finely
shredded swiss cheese (Don’t be afraid to buy store-bought bagged cheese, it is more convenient and definitely easier to keep for future batches of onion dip!)
one cup light miracle whip (It is so important that you follow this part since the oil content is different in all mayonnaise products. If you don’t use light miracle whip, your dip could turn out very oily, runny, and greasy.)

Use a shallow glass (Make sure you use glass, if it is metal, it could turn out tasting metallic and tinny.) eight inch square dish that would be appropriate in your table setting to bake the dip in. Bake it at three hundred and fifty degrees for thirty minutes at minimum. After it reaches thirty minutes, keep a close eye on it, but let the top of it get to a delicious golden brown color. This dip is nice and thick, so it is best paired with Ruffles with ridges chips since they are strong and sturdy enough to handle mounds of dip! It’s always better if served warm (a warming tray set on low can do the trick for long party hours), and can easily be reheated in a microwave for an after party snack.