Shoulder Blade Pain Exercises for Strengthening and Pain Relief

Back pain between shoulder blades will affect up to 80% of adult Americans at one time or another, and for many the lower back will be the source of the pain. In most cases, the cause of lower back pain is muscle strain, injury or overuse of the back. In these situations, the best course of action, once the acute pain has healed, is to begin a program of lower back pain exercises that will strengthen the muscles of the core and support the lower back. There are many different types of exercises that you can try, but your best bet is to incorporate a variety of exercises that will strengthen the entire body, including the lower back area.

Aerobic Activity

Aerobic activity does not just make a good exercise for shoulder blade pain or back pain; it will strengthen the rest of your body as well. Aerobic exercise is a key in maintaining a healthy weight, which will reduce the strain on the lower back as well. And aerobic activity will keep your heart and cardiovascular system healthy – another plus to committing to this type of exercise every day. To reduce the strain on the lower back, begin with a program of daily walking that is low impact. You can start with a short amount of time, and gradually increase the time spent as you get used to the workout. Another good type of aerobic activity that is gentle on the lower back is the recumbent bike at your local fitness center.


Strengthening exercises are important for keeping the muscles of the core strong and conditioned. If you want to use strength training as an exercise, it is a good idea to do so under the supervision of a doctor, physical therapist or personal trainer. This way, you will not cause further injury to your back by performing exercises improperly. As you are focusing on strengthening the muscles of the lower back, don’t forget to work the area of the abdominal muscles as well. A strong, tight abdomen will offer better support to the lower back, and reduce your further incidences of injury and pain.


While strength training will lead to stronger muscles, gentle stretching will result in increased flexibility and less chance of injury. These types of lower back pain exercises can be done to relieve the pain as well as to strengthen the area, as long as you perform the exercises carefully and gently. Again, stretching and flexibility training are best when they are done under the supervision of a physical therapist or a personal trainer who can ensure that you do the stretches correctly and safely.

Lower back pain can put a damper on your life, but shoulder blade pain exercises can help reduce the pain and prevent further problems in the future.