The best Steak

Maturity, experience and wisdom are all favourable qualities – in man, in wine… and steak.

A nice-sized rump, bleeding and warm, which has just been sliced from a dead beast has its delicate qualities that are quite appetising to the human carnivore, but a little patience with that piece of meat might pleasantly shock those taste buds.

Like a child, a fresh steak is still wild and unaccustomed to what is expected from it. Its blood hot with impulsiveness and vulnerable to anyone or anything that wants to take advantage of it – not waiting for it to reach its full potential.

But give that young piece of meat some time, and grow patiently with it. Restraint is a vital ingredient to pleasure – waiting for just the right moment to indulge.

As you leave and temporarily forget about the hunk of meat left in the dry and cool fridge, let the thought appease you that sooner or later it will be used properly – just not now. It is still too young and needs time to absorb the life outside of it; the life expected from it, to give life to a growing hunger.

The fridge is opened a couple of times a day, and the steak is still there – waiting and waited upon. You see it, but don’t touch. Appetite grows.

After a day or two, your meat starts to mature. The colour changes from the innocent blush-pink to a mature sensual crimson; the soft outer layer hardens to protect that which is brewing on the inside – slowly. In time.

The uncontrolled release of innocent impetuous bleeding that dilutes the taste is bridled. Inside the taste of meat is concentrated – a promise for patient taste buds. So close.

The right time breaks. The fridge is opened. Like a fruit, ready to be plucked, you steak screams for the pan!

It’s the most beautiful piece of meat you’ve ever seen. Dry and dark. You lift it out of the fridge, and feel the weight. Just right – enough there to fill the hole which you’ve kept open for it. You lift it to your nose and smell. It’s soft perfume exudes from the inside – not like cheap deodorant that temporarily hides the smell of sweat – but a deep aroma from within it’s substance. Your hand is dry – no blood; no moisture – it’s all inside, ready to give its best – that from within, not the hypocrisy from without.

The altar (pan) is heated, and the ceremony is about to begin. You and your steak know that this will not take long. Maturity has taken its course and all you have to do is turn on the heat before it’s ready to give you what you’ve been waiting for – now!

The setting is perfect. Now it’s just you and your meat – both of you could not have been more ready. The fork pierces the skin, and the knife slices through the dark layer. Life within is revealed and that life will become yours now.

A piece of the passion is brought to your lips and enters its destiny. In a flash, your pent up patience for climactic delight is released. In an instant, the steak releases all that it has kept for you.

The relishing expectation of delight and the patience to allow the object for pleasure to reach its full potential are the keys to immeasurable satisfaction.