The Mississippi Mule

It is normally said that the popular cocktail, the Mississippi Mule, is an evolved version of the more famous Moscow Mule; although in truth the two mixed drinks have very little in common. The Moscow Mule is made from vodka, whilst the Mississippi Mule is made from gin, but both drinks do offer up a kick; hence the name.

A sweet cocktail with a lemon kick, the Mississippi Mule is often served at the end of a meal, but is a drink that is as much at home in a cocktail bar. At the same time it is a drink that many people find very relaxing at the end of a stressful day, and can easily, and relatively quickly, be made in the kitchen.

-Ingredients for a Mississippi Mule (one serving)

2 fluid ounces of London dry gin

½ fluid ounces of Creme de cassis

½ fluid ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Traditionally, London or dry gin has been used as the base alcohol to make the Mississippi Mule with, although some people do prefer distilled or flavoured gin. As with any cocktails it is all a matter of taste. The Creme de cassis adds sweetness to the cocktail; the blackcurrant flavoured liqueur also provides the red colour synonymous with the cocktail.

The Mississippi Mule is normally served either in a chilled cocktail glass or a chilled old-fashioned one. All of the ingredients are added to a cocktail shaker along with cracked ice. The mix is then shaken thoroughly before being straioned and poured into the glass.

The Mississippi Mule is normally served straight up, but there is no real reason why the drink cannot be served over ice, be it crushed or in cube form.

Then it is simply a matter of sitting back and enjoying the sweet taste and kick that the Mississippi Mule delivers.