What is Plumpynut

World hunger has been an ongoing concern throughout history, but it has only been brought to the attention of the whole world in recent decades, and malnutrition is one of the results of this tragic situation. For decades, the more fortunate areas of the world have been haunted by pictures of small, thin children with extended stomachs who lack the basics of life. Now, a small simple bag of a peanut based paste may help prevent this tragedy.

Doctors have been frustrated with the fact that even food that reaches those who need it, they may not necessarily contain the ingredients needed for nutrition. They certainly do not contain the boost of important proteins and other nutrients needed to save the lives of small malnourished children. Plumpy’nut, a product developed by the company Nutriset, from France, is being used as a healthy additive for diets lacking in the basic needs, and doctors are excited about the results.

Plumpy’nut is a peanut based product, laden with proteins and vitamins that is mixed with a flour base, and given to children suffering from malnutrition. This is done under the care of physicians, who claim that the product, given twice a day, for several weeks, will actually eliminate malnutrition in even the most severe cases. It is high calorie, which will enable the child to gain weight, and high in those ingredients that help the immune system to develop. It is easy to eat, and children like it. It is an energy source, which is vital in recovery.

The bottom line is that this product has what it takes to give children the boost they need to survive, immediately. It can sustain them through their early years, help them to gain strength, and supply them with the nutrients they must have to live. It is an emergency food that has proven invaluable in saving lives, and is replacing previous, slower methods of treatment.

The benefits of this product is that it is transportable. It is shipped in foil packets, and has a two year shelf life, making it easier to both ship to remote areas in need, and to be distributed. It is invaluable for areas where sudden catastrophic, natural disasters have limited food supplies, where climate changes have disrupted agricultural productivity, or where large populations of people are living under extremely depressed economic conditions. Shipments of this, relatively inexpensive product have been shipped to many parts of the world, and the product has been credited with saving countless young lives.